Baby di 1 aña y mey ta hoga den pool na un cas na Sabana Basora

April 7, 2023

Diabierna atardi pa 2’or pm central di polis ta wordo notifica cu un mucha lo a haya problema den pool na un cas na Sabana Basora.

Di biaha ta despacha diferente patruya na e cas. Na yegada di e prome patruya nan mes a cuminsa reanima e baby. Ambulance tambe ta yega cu maximo urgencia pa reanima e baby.

Trahando hunto pa logra scapa un criatura chikito tabata envano.

Lamentabelmente pa 3:10 di atardi dr. Texier ta constata fayecido di e baby di inicial J.R.G. Na Aruba di apenas 1aña y mey.

Cuerpo policial Aruba ta manda palabra di condolencia y forsa na mayornan y famia di e criatura.

—— English

On Friday afternoon at 2:00 PM, the Police received a notification that a child was in trouble in a swimming pool at a location in Sabana Basora.

Multiple patrol units were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, the first patrol unit immediately began to perform CPR on the baby. Ambulance also arrived urgently to assist in reviving the baby.

Despite the joint efforts to save the young child, at 3:10 PM, Dr. Texier confirmed the unfortunate death of the baby, identified by the initials J.R.G., who was only 1 year and a half old.

The Aruba Police Force extends their condolences and strength to the parents and family of the child.

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