May 4, 2023

E aña aki hopi persona a acudi na e exitoso opendag di Mariniers Kazerne Savaneta. Diferente departamento a uni pa asina por a duna informacion of sea demonstracion. Cuerpo Policial Aruba tambe tabata tey presenta cu Mobiele Eenheid, K-9 Unit, Team di Aresto y studiantenan di Scol di Polis E.J. Watty Vos. Tabata tin demonstracion di parti Polis cu a hala hopi atencion. E imagenan aki cu ta cortecia di @Defensie por a mira nos agentenan den accion cu nan demonstracion. Grandi y chiquito a gosa, a puntra, a admira kico tur nos unidad su capacidad tin y nan a haya e momento tambe pa saca potret cu e unidadnan. Un tremendo opendag y nos ta cla pa otro aña.


This year, many people attended the successful open day at the Marine Barracks Savaneta. Different departments came together to provide information or demonstrations. The Aruba Police Force was also present with its Mobile Unit, K-9 Unit, Arrest Team, and students from the Police School E.J. Watty Vos. There were demonstrations by the police that caught a lot of attention. These images, courtesy of @Defensie, show our officers in action during their demonstrations. Both young and old enjoyed, asked questions, admired what all of our units are capable of, and took pictures with them. It was a tremendous open day, and we are ready for the next year.

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