July 19, 2023

Diamars anochi pa mas o menos 22:55 central di polis ta wordo notifica di un drive by shooting na altura di ex United Dinner na Driemasterstraat. Un persona femenino mester ta tira abao y no ta reacionando.

Na yegada di polis ta pidi ambulance cu urgencia mirando e situacion di e victima.

Ambulance ta yega na e sitio y no por a haci nada mas pa e dama.
Pa 11:55 Dr Scholten ta constata morto di Nayibe Isabel Herrera naci 22 september 1991 (31 aña) na Aruba

Na e sitio a presenta departamento di rechereche, polis technico, slachtofferhulp y dokter forensico.

Na altura di Aruba Juniors a topa cu un Toyota Yaris para y cu lo ta envolucra den e caso aki.
E auto a wordo confisca pa mas investigacion.

Cuerpo Policial ta pidi esnan cu a wak algo of sa algo pa yama e tiplijn di polis 11141.

Cuerpo Policial ta manda palabra di condolencia na famia di e fayecido.



On Tuesday night, at approximately 22:55, the police were notified of a drive-by shooting in the vicinity of the former United Dinner on Driemasterstraat. A female person was shot and not responding.

Upon arrival, the police urgently requested an ambulance due to the victim’s condition.

The ambulance arrived at the scene but could not do anything more for the woman.

At 11:55, Dr. Scholten pronounced Nayibe Isabel Herrera, born on September 22, 1991 (31 years old), from Aruba, dead.

At the scene, the investigative department, forensic police, victim support, and the forensic doctor were present.

Near Aruba Juniors, a parked Toyota Yaris was found and seems to be involved in this case.

The vehicle was seized for further investigation.

The Police request that anyone who witnessed or has any information related to this incident to call the police hotline at 11141.

The Police extend their condolences to the family of the deceased.

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