Kust Surveillance

March 28, 2023

Kust Surveillance ta trata di un team fuertemente arma pa controla nos costa, for di punta pariba t’e cu pabou. Nan tarea specifico y dirigi riba contrabanda di droga y personanan indocumenta cu ta drenta den un forma ilegal na nos costanan. Nan tin un Jeep bon equipa cu tin tur e materialnan necesario pa maniobra riba e carteranan cu ta dificil pa por yega.

English version

Kust Surveillance is a heavily armed team that controls our coast, from one end to the other. Their specific task is directed towards the control of drug trafficking and undocumented individuals who enter our coasts illegally. They have a well-equipped Jeep with all the necessary materials for maneuvering on difficult-to-reach roads.

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