Polis Maritimo

March 27, 2023

Polis maritimo mihor conoce tambe pa Maritiem Politie ta nos Polisnan cu ta patruya riba lama. Nan cobertura ta mas tanto dirigi riba area turistico. Nan tin wowo riba locual ta sosode riba lama. Nan ta cuida nos costanan unda tin hopi mas botonan priva ta navega. Nan ta bon entrena pa subi y controla diferente tipo di boto manera: Tankero, boto di placer, boto turistico, boto pisca etc. Nan ta bon entrena tambe pa brinda e prome auxilio riba lama.

English version:

“The Maritime Police, also known as the Maritiem Politie, are our police officers who patrol the sea. Their coverage is mainly focused on tourist areas. They keep an eye on what happens at sea and they take care of our coasts where many private boats are navigating. They are well-trained to board and control different types of vessels, such as tankers, pleasure boats, tourist boats, fishing boats, etc. They are also well-trained to provide first aid at sea.”

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