May 19, 2023

MACUARIMA, ARUBA:  Na Cas di Cultura a tuma lugar entregamento di decreto gubernamental di 25 agente policial conhuntament cu personal administrativo. Tambe seis persona a celebra nan hubileo di 25,30,35 y hasta 40 aña dedicando nan profesion den Cuerpo Policial Aruba.

Den presencia di famia, amigonan, coleganan pero tambe altocomisario di polis drs. Ramon I. Arnhem a haci entrega di e decreto y hubileo na personal corespondiente.

Mr. M. Ras a celebra 25 aña di hubileo. Sra. Z. de Cuba, S. Ras y J. van der Biezen a celebra 35 aña di hubileo y mr. W. Werleman a celebra 40 aña di hubileo den Cuerpo Policial Aruba.

Pa drs. Arnhem “E reconocimiento y promocion di nos agentenan pero tambe personal administrativo ta hopi importante pa nos organisacion. Nos ta balora cada un personal den nos oraganisacion. Cu miras riba nan, pa nan por sigui desaroya y progresa den nos organisacion. Pasobra e hende ta central.”

Den un ambiente ameno a tuma un momento pa reconoce cada un colega policial y administrativo pa nan dedicacion, esfuerso y tempo cu nan ta dedica na nos organisacion.

Di agent 1ste klasse pa brigadier: S. Tromp

Di brigadier pa brigadier eerste klasse: V. Coffie, W. Willems, R. de Cuba, T. Bito, R. Wester, M. Wout, G. Lacle, G. Croes, S. Charles y H. Gonzalez Cabeza .

Di hoofdagent eerste klasse pa onderinspecteur: E. Simileer.

Di onderinspecteur pa onderinspecteur eerste klasse: G. de Windt y A. Yearwood,

Di inspecteur pa hoofdinspecteur 1ste klasse : S. de Mey.

Tambe nos personal administrativo a wordo promocion di Adjunct Commies 1ste klasse pa Commies: E. Jacobs

Commies 1ste klasse pa Hoofd Commies  : E. Thiel-Williams y E. Penja-Luydens

Altocomisario ta gradici tur e famia di cada personal cu a bin na e momento special aki pa mira nan ser keri haya nan promocion. Cu e sosten y forsa di famia nos agentenan lo sigui prospera. Hopi exito cu boso promocion sigui haci lo maximo pa brinda e seguridad pa cada un ciudadano.

Na e grupo cu a cumpli den total di 170 aña aniversario masha danki pa boso dedicacion, impeño, esfuerso disciplina y respet cu boso tin, cu a hiba boso pa brinda e servicio sin igual pa tanto tempo. Boso nan ta un ehempel pa hopi! Masha pabien!


MACUARIMA, ARUBA: The delivery of governmental decrees for 25 police officers and administrative staff took place at the Cas di Cultura. Additionally, six individuals celebrated their jubilees for 25, 30, 35, and even 40 years of dedicated service in the Aruba Police Force.

In the presence of family, friends, colleagues, and The Police Chief Commissioner Drs. Ramon I. Arnhem, the decrees and jubilees were awarded to the respective personnel.

Mr. M. Ras celebrated his 25-year jubilee. Mrs. Z. de Cuba, S. Ras, and J. van der Biezen celebrated their 35-year jubilees, and Mr. W. Werleman celebrated his 40-year jubilee in the Aruba Police Force.

According to Drs. Arnhem, “The recognition and promotion of our officers and administrative staff are highly important for our organization. We value each individual within our organization, with a focus on their development and progress within our organization. Because people are at the center.”

In a pleasant atmosphere, a moment was taken to acknowledge each police officer and administrative staff member for their dedication, efforts, and time devoted to our organization.

From Agent eerste klasse to Brigadier: S. Tromp. From Brigadier to BRiagdier eerste klasse: V. Coffie, W. Willems, R. de Cuba, T. Bito, R. Wester, M. Wout, G. Lacle, G. Croes, S. Charles, and H. Gonzalez Cabeza.

From hoofdagent eerste klasse to onderinspectuer: E. Simileer. From onderinspectuer to onderinspectuer eerste klasse: G. de Windt and A. Yearwood. From hoofd inspectuer to hoofd inspecteur eerste klasse: S. de Mey.

Additionally, our administrative staff members were promoted from Adjunct Commies 1ste klasse to Commies: E. Jacobs. From Commies 1ste klasse to Hoofd Commies  : E. Thiel-Williams and E. Penja-Luydens.

The Police Chief Commissioner expresses gratitude to the families of each individual who attended this special moment to witness their loved ones receive their promotions. With the support and strength of their families, our officers will continue to thrive. Best of luck in your promotions, and continue to do your utmost to provide unmatched security for every citizen.

To the group that collectively achieved a total of 170 years of service, thank you very much for your dedication, commitment, discipline, and respect that you have shown throughout all these years, providing unparalleled service. You are an example to many! Congratulations!

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