Unidad Canino – K9

March 27, 2023

Unidad Canino k9, miho conoci pa K9 Unit di Cuerpo Policial Aruba ta un team chikito dynamico y extraordinario. E team aki no solamente tin agentenan Policial bon entrena pa por guia un cacho pero ta guia un cacho Policial. E cachonan ta di rasa renombra di Mechelse Herder. Nan ta un team hopi activo y e Caninonan Policial ta cla pa sirbi nos comunidad.

English version:

“K9 Unit, better knwo as The K9 Unit of the Aruba Police Force is  a small, dynamic, and extraordinary team. This team doesn’t just have well-trained police officers who can handle a dog, but they handle can a police dog. The dogs are of the renowned breed Mechelse Herder (Belgian Malinois). They are a very active team, and the police dogs are ready to serve our community.”

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